Dirty air filter will directly affect the engine intake acting

Driving in the road with poor air quality and dust environment, dirty air filter will directly affect the engine intake acting. Because the tiny impurities will easily access to the engine and accelerate wear and reduce the life of the engine, as well as damage both vehicles and engines.

You can use mild air blowing dirty air filter; If heavily soiled or damaged and cracking phenomenon, it is necessary to replace the filter.


Chana Auto HEV version is expected to be listed in February

It is reported that the new Chana Auto HEV is expected to officially go on sale in February, and may introduce two different configurations of the models to be optional. The new car is based on the ordinary version build, 100 km combined fuel consumption of only 5.4L.

Chana Auto EADO is a very good selling sedan, and HEV version of the introduction not only provides more choice, but also show the strength of Chana Auto technically, but in terms of HEV, EADO HEV version really to achieve fuel economy advantage remains to be tested. In addition, if the price is too high, I believe the general model is still the main sales products.

Following 2014 Chana Auto EADO officially listed at present, according to the relevant news that, the new EADO HEV models are also expected to go on sale mid- February. It is reported that the new car is still the continuation of the regular edition models appearance and interior design, just added a hybrid logo, and equipped with a 1.5L motor and the formation of hybrid dynamic systems, one hundred kilometers fuel consumption of only 5.4L. In addition, the new car will be launched in two configurations possible models for consumer choice.

In Power, Chana Auto EADO HEV version equipped with a hybrid system by a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine ( power 117Ps) and ISG motor ( power 28Ps), and with the CVT match. According to official data, the car 100 km fuel consumption of only comprehensive conditions 5.4L, while the electric motor is powered by a 144V 6Ah NiMH batteries provide the power supply.

In Appearance and configuration, Chana Auto EADO HEV version and the regular version in appearance is not much difference, but at the bottom right of the rear of the added “HYBRID” logo to indicate the identity of its hybrid vehicles. At the same time, body size and interior design also did not change significantly, but the hybrid version will still equipped with six airbags, ESC electronic stability system, EPS electric power steering system, high-definition touch screen DVD + GPS navigation systems.


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Make vehicle systemic inspection after a long-distance driving

If you will drive the car for a long distance, make a systemic vehicle inspection.

The first is to check the brake system. I suggest you better understand the life cycle of brake discs or sheets, if more than the life cycle, should be replaced.

For the vehicle with a longer service life, also check whether the engine exhaust pipe rings heat corrosion. At the same time need to check whether the fuel tank two rubber tubing corrosion leakage, cracking phenomenon if turned by hand or pinch the tubing, you need to replace the entire pipeline. Also, a comprehensive inspection of the generator, wiring and instrumentation.

In addition, in order to ensure normal traffic safety, pay special attention to check the battery storage case, since now the weather is cooler, battery activity is relatively low, the capacity will be reduced.

It is worth noting that the car owner going to the north China should purchase a good performance tank antifreeze, because the larger the temperature difference between north and south, while some of the vehicles existing antifreeze antifreeze may not produce good results, so to buy antifreeze in advance.

If there is the situation of driving at night on the way, you should promptly check the vehicle traveling in front of car headlights, front fog lights, brake lights, turn indicators, such as whether to work properly.

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2014 MG3 models listed

2014 MG3 Europe models in Nanjing officially announced prices, five models of the price range of 6.97-9.77 yuan. Nanjing is the first stop into the China of MG brand, but also once the home of MG , MG3 held special significance for the listing in Nanjing .

Car highlights:

1 , the appearance of larger changes , increased daytime running lights and other fashion configuration ;
2 , a higher degree of exquisite interior , equipped with a special smart phone interface ;
3 , the use of large-size wheels, reinforces the movement of the vehicle.

European version of the 2014 models MG3 overall body lines inherited Facted Flow stream surface lines cutting techniques, neat and smooth in revealing Smart. The front of the bright and lively style , more sharp lines portray lower black grille shape has also changed , with smoked front headlights Blackhawks makes a stronger sense of movement . The new V-shaped upper front grille in the middle of a narrow black MG logo area expanded , three-dimensional strengthened. In addition, the double bottom into a fog lamp LED daytime running lights , in addition to fashionable and beautiful outside but also enhance the driving safety. With the tough body sides to the rear waistline extend all the way , difficult to find car insurance sport rear spoiler adds the trim, can play a role in reducing the drag , but also further enhance the sports personality. It is worth mentioning that in 2014, the European version of the entire department MG3 models adds bright orange , showing publicity uninhibited personality traits , but also provides the appearance of a more diversified choice owners .

The interior style, MG3 European version of 2014 models still use the the Apple i-style design, upgrade is that the original white ceramic paint upgraded to silver. Meanwhile , the new car is equipped with black leather seats and steering wheel with red stitching trim.

MG3 European version of the new 2014 models of many human technology configurations, such as LED daytime running lights, automatic headlights , TPMS tire pressure monitoring system , FPS automatically cut off the fuel system , as well as the front windshield defog button , lorry smart phone holder , CD assembled luxury car owners can choose from so be . One of the most useful to the case of new ISO FIX child seat fixtures . On handling, the European version of the 2014 models MG3 steering more responsive , better cornering performance, optimized suspension provides a more solid sense of the way back , but yet smooth and comfortable driving experience .

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Cautions of the car using in autumn

In late autumn, fallen leaves, suddenly the car all the leaves fall phenomenon is very common. Many of my friends have this not to regard it as right, think the car when the leaves are blown down. But leaves will rot away in the branches, the leaves will fade, and produce some viscous liquid, and the temperature increase sooner or later will lead to a dewy moist deciduous, corrosion rate, if not timely cleaning will cause damage to the paint.

Every fall, the sanitation workers will be the first time in the main road and sidewalk deciduous cleaning, transportation, but when the sanitation workers to the leaves away, they will be a lot of deciduous piled on the roadside unified collection cleaning. While in some road, deciduous cleaning will not be so in a timely manner. At this time, when you are driving down the road, you need to pay special attention to, sharp objects such as broken glass, like nails can be mixed into a pile of leaves, which caused a great threat to the tire. Even without such items of broken glass, some shape is not sharp stones may be hurt tire.

In addition there is a situation, the sanitation workers after collecting a pile of leaves will be some rain oliveri roadside open, will be temporarily stored into the grate leaves below the hole, then the same transport. After a growing pile of leaves, the pit is filled, from the outside do not see a pit beneath the leaves. If this time from a pile of leaves open the past, the wheel will fall into the pit, light is the tire a drum kit, wheel scratch, heavy tire burst and even lead to vehicle suspension and chassis parts damaged. So in the driving process, do not blindly into a pile of leaves, avoid tire or vehicle damage, causing potential safety hazard.

When the car is parked outside, leaves in addition to fall in the outside we can see the roof, hood, windshield, may also fall we do not pay attention to in some places, such as the door gap. When we open the door, the leaves may be into the car, and the fallen leaves in the car after a period of time will rot, resulting in odor or germs, threaten the occupant health. Therefore, the vehicle in time to conduct a comprehensive, meticulous cleaning is a deciduous seasonal driving an essential work, but also to check more carefully than in summer.


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Leaves fall after a period of time will become dry, if the car in the dry deciduous heap is likely to be deciduous ignition. Why will ignite? The reason is very simple, lit the cigarette leaves like fire after it is easy to cause the vehicle ignition burned. In addition, the temperature of the exhaust pipe of vehicle is very high, if the temperature, humidity, if appropriate, the exhaust pipe temperature is enough to ignite the dry leaves the vehicle due to combustion damage. Therefore when deciduous season we stop attention don’t stop in the leaf litter must, especially dried leaf litter on.

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X431 Diagun III - 75types of softwares,can do Australian/Indian/Russian/Thailand/Maysia etc cars,update on line.